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Here’s How Doug Moves You!

In About, Buyers, Sellers by Doug Phelps

Hi, I’m Doug Phelps with Colorado Home Realty. For most people, the process to sell or buy a home is emotional, involved, and tricky to navigate; doing any step wrong causes anxiety and it unnecessarily steals away your time and money. After all, it is from home that your every day begins and ends. It is your refuge and it …

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Y- Yips: Quelling nerves for a first time home buyer

In ABC's of Real Estate, Buyers by Doug Phelps

Like stage fright or other anxiety-induced reaction, the yips are something that can negatively impact a golfer.   The yips is basically a slang term for anxiety and tension that a golfer may feel, especially when putting. This reveals itself in short, jerky, uncoordinated movements instead of a smooth stroke.   Anxiety can be a tough feeling to overcome in any aspect …

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Home Buying Guide

In Buyers, Guides by Doug Phelps

If you are like most people,
you might be nervous about the process, anxious about moving, stressed about money,
concerned about the future. I understand; I’ve been there myself and also have helped many
people to successful outcomes. This guide is meant to be an aid before, during, and after your home buying journey.