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What makes Colorado such a great place to put roots down?

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For those who live here, we probably don’t need to sell how great of a state Colorado is to live in. But if you’re currently renting or contemplating a permanent move to Colorado, you may be wondering if it’s the right place for you. The Centennial state offers such a wonderful lifestyle for millions and it’s no wonder why we have such a hot real estate market here.  As you might remember from school and Economics 101, supply and demand greatly influences prices and here in Denver the healthy property values are a direct result of many willing buyers but not enough inventory. 

With the many benefits and perks of living in the Mile High City, it’s no wonder why people put down their forever roots here. So if you’re in the market to buy a house in strike while the iron is hot, more people around the globe are realizing that Colorado is a great place to live:

1. Overall quality of life

According to ColoradoBiz, Colorado ranks second in the country for healthy lifestyles and overall quality of life.  The specific study conducted by LifeExtension.com, measures things like: life expectancy, healthy diets, stress, recreation and social connections. Stats such as 83.6% of Colorado residents exercise and 71.5% eat healthy add to life expectancy rates since it’s so easy to stay active in Colorado.  Staying active and healthy allows people to enjoy their lives and work more. Many Colorado residents cite that their lives are overall happy ones and it shows, so why wouldn’t you want to buy a home here?

2. Great for activities

Speaking of staying active…do you like to hike in the summer and ski in the winter? Maybe you have kids and you’d like to teach them how to camp or fish. Maybe you’re retired and want to spend your days on a golf course or boating in a scenic mountain lake. Or maybe you’re a young professional who likes to bar hop downtown. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, Colorado can accommodate you! For example, in less than an hour you could go from hiking with your dog at Red Rocks to drinking a beer in a patio bar in LoDo. Or, hits the slopes for some Spring skiing in the morning and get in a round of golf in the afternoon. And many outdoor bars and restaurants are dog friendly, even offering water bowls outside! Whether you’re young, retired or a growing family with kids; any stage of life can be lived well here. 

3. Weather and seasons

A big selling point for many people who love it here is the changing seasons: we experience all 4 seasons here in Colorado (sometimes all in one day, if you’re lucky). We get sun even on rainy days, as we’ve seen with the copious amounts of rain in the last few months. Summer weather gets hot and dry but not usually unbearable. If you drive to work in the snow, chances are it will be melted by the time you drive home; at least in the city. And Fall in the mountains here is hard to beat with the vibrant aspen trees for which the mountain city is named. 

4. Education

USNews cites Colorado as the 4th most educated state with great school districts and many people finishing college or secondary degrees. There are many great school districts in the Denver metro area with public school systems like Cherry Creek and Littleton ranking high in graduation rates and test scores. Colorado is also trade friendly for those looking for careers and education in jobs of all types.

What do you love about Colorado? Are you in the market to buy or sell your home?  Call and text me at (720) 323-4176 or email me at [email protected]

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