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What does a real estate agent actually do for you

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Some home buyers and real estate investors may look at a real estate agent and think they can make a property purchase by themselves. For example, some who have been in business in other industries or an attorney may think they can handle the buying of real estate themselves.  Some buyers don’t think a real estate agent is a wise partner and that is a mistake.  An agent does so much more than show homes and negotiate a contract.  For me, I am with my clients every step of the way and I’m available for any questions or guidance they need. Let’s take a look at all the surprising values a real estate agent can add to your house hunt:

1. Guidance when buying and selling real estate

Real estate agents are great listeners from the initial consultation to the final closing.  They will help you determine your goals, needs, and desired features in your next home.  They are also amazing at giving you a realistic viewpoint of options, budget and timeline and will go in-depth about explaining the buying process. If you’re in the early stages of home shopping, they can give you an overview of the qualification process and recommend some lenders. Negotiations are also a big value that real estate agents bring including the price when buying or selling.  However, they can also negotiate non-monetary things like vacate dates or repairs needed. And if you’re not even sure what to look out for in the inspection, a seasoned real estate agent will help guide you with that process as well to make sure you know all the facts about a home including potential issues with sewer, electrical, roofing, and radon. 

2. Moral and emotional support

Life happens and a real estate agent can help be the voice of reason. In the best of circumstances, there are emotional highs and lows when shopping for a new home.  For example, getting excited about making an offer on a home only to have it pulled off the market or be outbid can be a very upsetting scenario.  A real estate agent can help you process these events and find the next best course of action so you can find the best home based on your life changes.  A real estate agent will provide insights and information about each property they show you as well as the neighborhood around it.  If a home you are viewing has HOA fees and regulations, a real estate agent can help you understand those too. And when you’re signing the contract on your new home, your agent will be right next to you celebrating and bringing you a nice housewarming present!

3. Help understanding documents

Real estate documents can be long and confusing for someone who doesn’t understand all the jargon.  A real estate agent can review and explain title documents, seller’s disclosures, due diligence documents and any other contract that comes your way in the buying process. The real estate agent will also structure and write any contract so you don’t need to worry about wording. If at some point during the buying process you do need outside help or guidance from a broker or lawyer, a real estate can offer referrals and help communications.

4. What I can personally offer

I am a Realtor®, a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and I also have a background in sales, marketing, negotiations, and operations applied to my real estate consulting business.  I am ready to use all my tools and knowledge to help every client I have.  No scenario could come up that I don’t feel I couldn’t help my clients navigate. I love helping clients and consider many of them friends.  My job doesn’t stop after the closing either; I am happy to offer post-closing follow-up and support and any local contacts for home improvements. 

Do you want to search for homes on a golf course? Are you in the market to buy or sell your home?  Call and text me at (720) 323-4176 or email me at [email protected]

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