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Keeping Your Cool as a Buyer in a Sellers Market

In Buyers by Doug Phelps

More often than not, every time a buyer client loses out on a home, we find another home that they love and everything works out. To be sure, it is very disheartening in the moment. Below are a few keys things I recommend to home buyers who have recently lost out on a home they love:

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Who is Buying homes Right Now?

In Buyers, Golf Course Living, Homeowners, Sellers by Doug Phelps

In my daily work, I work with a variety of clients in all different stages of life and I love getting to know people and their specific journeys.  The relationship between agent and client can be very personal and I really love helping clients reach their real estate dreams.  As chances are you fit into one of the following categories, …

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Here’s How Doug Moves You!

In Who is Doug? by Doug Phelps

Hi, I’m Doug Phelps with Colorado Home Realty. For most people, the process to sell or buy a home is emotional, involved, and tricky to navigate; doing any step wrong causes anxiety and it unnecessarily steals away your time and money. After all, it is from home that your every day begins and ends. It is your refuge and it …