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Creating the ultimate recreation space

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Man cave. Woman cave. Game room. Rumpus room.  Whatever you call it, it’s a special dedicated space in your home just for fun, relaxation and socializing.  Sometimes it’s an entire basement and other times it’s part of another room like a corner of a bedroom or living room.  Colorado is a state known for its many options for recreation and enjoyable living.  The days that you aren’t outside enjoying this beautiful state, make sure you have a fun space in your house to come home to. However much space you have in your home to dedicate to a recreation space, here are some tips to maximize it to its full potential:

1. Know your audience

The recreation space for a single homeowner versus a family with young children will be very different.  If you’re single and inviting friends over for drinks and the game it may be a really fun addition to put in a wet bar and surround sound.  If you have young children and you’re friends with other parents, your space may be more family-friendly with stuffed animals, board games and something unique like a cotton candy machine.  Your space can just be for you too.  Maybe you’re a collector and you want to create a space that shows off your years of collection.  Or maybe your space is just for you and you have in mind to create a really epic gaming setup.  Whatever you want your space to be, start with that in mind.

2. Pick a theme

Similar to knowing your audience, it’s important to know what you want the theme of your recreation space to be.  For example, do you want a quiet place to do puzzles and crafts? Or do you want to create the go-to space for all your friends and family to come and watch sporting events?  Your recreation space can also be outside if you dream of having a big yard to barbeque in and build a pool.  It’s important to decide what’s important to you and how you envision yourself using the space.  If you’re in the market to buy a home in Denver, mention your recreation visions to your real estate agent so they can help you find a good space.  

3. Plan the space

Some recreation spaces are full basements, while others are a corner of an office or bedroom.  If you have a full basement to work with, you may be able to have multiple stations of activities.  For example, creating a home movie theater with a popcorn machine, comfortable recliners, and a projection screen may be fun.  You may also still have room to create a game space with board games, tabletop games or a golf simulation setup.  If your space is not quite that abundant, you may want to invest in shelves for board games or a nice desk for an online gaming setup.  Space will play a big role in what you’ll be able to create for your recreation room, but fear not if you think your space may be too small.  For example, if you’d really like to put in a home theater, you can set that up right in your living room with a few tweaks.  

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