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A 2023 Client Success Story

In Buyers, Homeowners, Sellers by Doug Phelps

As shared in a recent post like this one, the greatest joy I get in my real estate profession is the impact I can make for families by helping them move from the life they have to the life they dream about.  For me, this is even more delightful when a long-standing relationship with a buyer/client evolves through many life stages!

In the spring of 2022, Erin contacted me. I was referred to her from a work colleague whom I had assisted in a new home purchase earlier in the year. I always appreciate referrals from colleagues, contacts, friends, and even past clients. Erin was seeking a new home in the Denver metro area for herself, and she was particularly interested in a townhome or condo. We started working together and our search ensued over the next few months for a home that would meet her needs and wants. We always had conversations after each home tour, evaluating the pros and cons of each. Talking things out often helps clients process what they’ve seen and what they want.

While Erin was pursuing her home search she was also beginning a new relationship with Camille. Because of this, she decided to put her home search on pause and focus on growing in this relationship to see where it might go. On top of that, she also got some new work responsibilities.  We paused the search and we stayed in touch.

Accelerate to the Fall of 2022, Camille and Erin had a wedding in a beautiful outdoor setting! They decided to move into his place to start with as they grew deeper in their relationship and evaluate next steps. At the same time, there were some family things happening with Camille that could be helpful in their next steps in owning real estate. We again stayed in touch into 2023 as things evolved for a bit, and then things cooled down.

Many months later in August of 2023, Camille and Erin decided they wanted to move forward in their home-buying journey, this time they were looking for a single-family home. The main reason: a baby girl is on the way!

There were new and special wants and needs to answer the whys they had in a home.  Erin’s initial home-buying wants had definitely changed! We started looking for the right matches for the new family. One weekend, after just a few home tours, we chose their top choice and went for it. Their offer was accepted! We maneuvered through all the steps of the property inspection, conversations, and negotiations to a successful outcome. In the Fall of 2023, we had closing success!

Camille and Erin made the move to their new home and to a community they love. They are so ready now to begin their family life together as Spring arrives.

With Camille and Erin I have another client advocate ready and eager to refer me to a new family seeking to make home happen and live their Colorado dream. I give thanks for my experiences and wonderful people like them who continue to nurture and grow me as a professional.

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