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You’re active on the market, now what?

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Both the home buying and home selling process can be daunting and full of many tasks, and I love to walk my clients through that and make sure I’m there for them every step of the way. Last month, I shared my suggestions and best practices for my clients once they are under contract. Before a home seller is under contract, I’m here to answer some best practices once we are active on the market here in Denver. Here are a few things I stress to my clients that are important and pay attention to, and of course I will help every step of the way.  What does it mean to be on the market and what will happen next?

1. Your home will be active on the market

This may seem like a very obvious point but once your home is listed as active on the market my team and I go to work to market it to buyers and agents and things may move quickly! First, I will send you an email the minute your home becomes active on the market so that you can prepare for showings and the scheduling for those showings. If you have a sign in your yard, be ready for people to possibly park outside your home and take a look at the outside to determine if they want to schedule a showing. 

2. Your home will be listed many places online

Colorado is still a fast moving market and it’s very possible that your home will be on the market less than 60 days. That means once your home becomes active, my team and I will go to work on marketing it and letting the home buyer audience know your home is new to the market. Your property will be syndicated to all real estate platforms in a matter of a few hours. These include, Redfin, Zillow, and others. Buyers local as well as all over will be able to discover it.  My team and I will also use email and social media. 

3. Reaching out to agents

Real estate is very relationship-based, this includes agent to agent relationships. So aside from digital databases, my team and I also reach out to our network of fellow real estate professionals who may have clients who are interested in homes like yours. 

4. Communication

Again, real estate is a very relationship-based business and as an agent, I pride myself as being highly communicative with my clients to make sure they are always aware of what is happening. Once your home is active and marketing is underway, I will start letting you know when we’ve scheduled showings and when we’ve gotten an offer. Together, we will evaluate them and as necessary, negotiate the optimal contract.  Mostly, I will be in touch every step of the way and here for you and your family. 

What questions do you have about your home going on the market? Are you in the market to buy or sell your home?  Call and text me at (720) 323-4176 or email me at [email protected]

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