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How Your Golf Game is Like Buying A Home

In Buyers, Golf Course Living, Sellers by Doug Phelps

If you’re like me, there are few things that make a sunny afternoon as perfect as a round of golf!  You may not feel the same excitement about touring houses while you’re shopping for a new home, but let me assure you there are many similarities between the two activities. Sure, you may not get to tour any in a golf cart (or maybe you can, if you’re touring properties in a golf course community) but if you approach your home buying process like you do a round of golf, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience and get that coveted “hole-in-one” for a new home.

Bring the right equipment and be prepared

Before a great day on the course even begins, any well prepared golfer will have the appropriate mix of clubs, balls, and tees. Perhaps a water bottle and umbrella too. This same prepared attitude applies before starting the home buying journey as well.  For example, going through a loan pre-approval process, reviewing your credit score and double checking your savings account to determine how much you can put towards a down payment are all crucial.  You’ll also ideally have a list of “must haves” that you need when looking for a new home. 

Calculate the yardage to accurately play your shot 

Great golf players understand the strategy and calculations in hitting the right shot, and that there are a lot of options to realign and recalibrate for the best outcomes. Casual players may overlook these opportunities.  Just as some home buyers may overlook the preapproval process. Buyers who go through having a full pre-approval from a lender and understanding the options in loan programs changes the game because the buyer goes into the process knowing fully what their options are.  For a breakdown on what loans that are available to you, do a quick catch up of your options with a lender.  Need a referral? Let me know.

Aim for the flag on the green 

Now that you’re properly prepared, you’ll want to make sure you give your new home search the proper focus and attention it deserves. Just like lining up your shot on the golf course, knowing what you’re aiming at is key.  Are you downsizing after becoming empty nesters? Are you looking for a more exciting way of life closer to the game you love?  Or maybe you’re looking for more space as you expand your family. Whatever your goal is, make sure to share it with your Realtor so they can help you find the home perfect for the lifestyle you dream about.  After all, you’ll be happiest when you find a home with amenities that you love and also fits your daily life.  


It may not be ideal, but mulligans happen in life as they do in golf, even when you’re prepared. For example, sometimes we need to start over in our search.  Possibly, once you’re touring homes you may discover that your “must haves” need to change, or you may decide that you want to be in a different location or community.  You may also want to strategize with your Realtor by writing a backup offer on a home. Either way, this is another way to stay prepared. 

Keep your eye on the target

In golf, the best players always know where they’re aiming with the next shot. The same can be said for buying a new home.  Sometimes the home buying process can be long and frustrating at times, but keeping in mind your end goal can help immensely. It’s also easy to get distracted in the home search, just as can happen on the golf course.  Like, looking at a home you know doesn’t fit your criteria. Keeping your eye on the target can help you to have a great score at the end of the day.

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