A lush green golf course with lakes overlooking the mountains on a sunny day

Golf Course Living in Colorado By The Numbers

In Buyers, Golf Course Living, Homeowners, Who is Doug? by Doug Phelps

I’m so blessed in my profession as I get to help people find their dream homes and meet amazing people in the process. I love helping my clients to find any home they’re looking for, but as I’ve mentioned it before, I specialize in golf course properties. I am an avid golfer myself so that’s part of my passion, but overall I enjoy helping clients tour beautiful properties and custom options that golf course properties offer. There are so many benefits of living on a golf course and many people, even if they’re not avid golfers, are satisfied living on a golf course. Breaking down the numbers of living on a golf course, this re-enforces why I love golf course properties and why so many others do too:

  • There are an estimated 25 million golfers in the United States, according to Golf Monthly. This includes novice and pro golfers as well as all demographics of golf fans. Whether they are casual fans or avid golfers who go every weekend, golf is still very much alive in Colorado. For those who love golf, golf course living can be so much fun plus it’s easy to meet other golfers who also happen to be new neighbors.

  • There are 300 golf courses in Colorado. Not all of these courses are livable or part of a community, but it’s another example that golf is alive and well in Colorado.

  • In fact, there about 79 golf course communities in Colorado. 51 of these communities are in Denver. Popular Colorado golf cities in Colorado include Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins and Greeley. With no shortage of choice, these many golf course communities all vary so when comparing communities think about what you want. Some communities are small, some are large, some have mountain views, some have city views and the amenities by community can vary a lot too.

  • On a golf course, the average home is 2,336 square feet which a great livable space for both a family or a retired couple who wants room to spread out. If you need more or less space, there are those options too.

  • As far as financial value according to the National Recreation and Parks Association, homes that view a golf course or sit on a golf course can have up to 15-30% higher property values.  This makes sense as amenities and great views sell any house.

  • There are no solid numbers for this point, but golf course living offers multiple amenities and multiple floor plan choices. Some golf course homes are new builds and you have infinite options to customize and make a house your home. Let me know if you have a special amenity on your list and we can look for it!

More important than any number or statistic, living on a golf course is the dream for many homebuyers and buying a beautiful new home in a scenic area is a bucket list item. Some view golf course living as prestigious and luxurious and like a symbol of their hard-work and happiness. Golf course living can be great and I love helping clients search for those properties. 

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