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Why You Might Want To Buy A Golf Course Home, Even If You’re Not A Golfer

In Golf Course Living by Doug Phelps

The Denver metro area hosts home to several golf course communities.  I personally love helping buyers find their dream golf course home along the Denver Front Range and have many years experience doing so, especially since I love golf myself.  However, you don’t need to be a golfer to love living on a golf course! Golf course communities offer so many benefits for home buyers, even if they don’t golf. Here are a few reasons you should consider a golf course home even if you’re not necessarily a golfer.

1. The grounds are well-kept

Both stand-alone golf courses and ones built within communities are typically immaculate.  There are maintenance crews out on the courses constantly to make sure each is well-kept, manicured and cared for.  This means that landscaping will be in tip-top shape at all times which will give you a great view and a pretty backdrop to your new home.

2. Resale Value

Due to the pristine maintenancing and the significant golfer population in the Denver area, a home on a golf course typically has amazing resale value.  Some communities may even have waitlists so you can be confident your golf course home is not only a great investment buy at the time but will also bring a great resale value when it is time to sell.

3. Friends who like golf

Though you may not be an avid golfer, there is a good chance you have friends, family or co-workers who are and would love to come to your home for a visit and perhaps enjoy a round on the course.  If you are someone who enjoys entertaining or has professional gatherings at home a lot, consider buying a home on a golf course and inviting your boss out for a round.

4. Space away from neighbors

As Denver continues to grow, some home buyers dislike the lack of space between homes and opt to live in the outskirts of the city or suburbs to get more space between neighbors.  However, golf course homes are typically further away from each other by design and give each homeowner space to spread out.  If space away from neighbors is a selling point to you, consider touring a golf course community.

5. Amenities and Events

Golf course communities are built with the idea of luxury, fun and relaxing in mind so not only is there ample time to play golf but these communities also often host community events like parties and cookouts to bring neighbors together.  There are also often other amenities you may enjoy like walking trails, swimming pools and tennis courts.

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