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From Chicago to Denver: A client success story

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As I’ve shared in recent posts like this one, the greatest joy I get in doing real estate as a profession is the impact I can make in helping families move from a life they have to a life they dream about. I love sharing these client success stories and the ups and downs in every journey that ultimately lead to happiness for my clients and happiness for me because they are satisfied.

This client success story focuses on a client who was referred to me after relocating to Colorado. This success story is even more delightful when a Realtor colleague in another state refers me to a previous client relocating from out of state to the Denver area.

In the late Fall of 2022, Carolyn from Dallas contacted me. We are colleagues in the Buffini Referral Network, a professional networking system for those of us in the real estate industry. Clients Deron and Natalie, who she had helped transition from Dallas to the Chicago area a few years in the past, asked her if she knew someone in the Denver area could help them find a home as a career opportunity was happening. Earlier in the year, I had referred two clients to Carolyn moving from San Diego to the Dallas area so she was happy to return the deed. Having a professional, national network of Realtor colleagues to know, like, and trust is important and ideal especially when we get clients who are relocating to different states.

As Deron and Natalie got underway to list their home to sell in Chicago, and Deron was getting going in his new role here in Denver, our search ensued for a home in the Denver metro area to meet their needs and wants. Our home search was a mix of in-person and digital. When Deron was in Denver for work, we toured homes in person. With Natalie in Chicago, we used FaceTime and other video means as we looked at homes. While I prefer a client to see a home in person to make sure it feels like home to them, if we need to use other means in a pinch, we can.

There were always conversations after each home tour, evaluating the pros and cons of each. As with every client, Deron and Natalie had special wants and needs they were looking for in their new Denver area residence and I wanted to make sure we found a perfect fit. We considered making offers on a couple of homes but finally we found our top choice and went for it. Offer accepted! We maneuvered through all the steps of property inspection, conversations, and negotiations to a successful outcome. From start to finish, it was a quick process and we were able to close early in 2023, even amid the busy holiday season. Closing success was a New Year’s celebration!

Deron and Natalie made the move to a Colorado home and to a community they love and have now been residents officially for a few months. Now, I have another client advocate ready and eager to refer me to a new family seeking to make home happen. I give thanks for my experiences and wonderful people like them who continue to nurture and grow me as a professional and I was happy to navigate the big changes that come with relocating. Through each experience and connection, I become more and more of who I am meant to be and I am thankful for each connection.

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