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The Value Add of a Good Realtor

In Buyers, Golf Course Living, Homeowners, Sellers by Doug Phelps

Very transparently, I don’t really like doing much self-promotion for concern of making myself seem inaccessible or braggadocious. I prefer for my work and my relationships to speak for themselves.  But, as you or anyone you know look for a Realtor, I believe it’s important for me to share my value add and personality so you can see if we’re a good fit or not, especially if we’ve never worked together.  

One of my favorite parts of my job as a Realtor is forming long-lasting relationships with my clients through some of the most pivotal parts of their lives.  I want my clients to see me as a good ally, advocate, partner, and knowledge resource through every step of the way, and hopefully as a friend later.  I enjoy sharing parts of my life with my clients and I’ve done a few recent articles introducing myself as a professional and also sharing some personal facts about myself.  Today, I’d love to dig a little deeper into the value add I try to add to all my client’s transactions.  

First off, I’m a Realtor. A REALTOR® is a broker, associate broker, or agent who belongs to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the largest trade group in the country. A REALTOR® commits to following a strict Code of Ethics intended to protect buyers and sellers and the consumer. A REALTOR® is the cream of the crop in the industry.  For example, REALTORS® pledge themselves to protect and promote the interests of their clients. Agents and brokers who are not NAR members can’t call themselves REALTORS®. There are more than 1 million REALTORS® in the United States.

I help individuals and families sell and buy residential real estate. I understand that home is the base camp for our lives. It is from where our daily lives begin and end. I delight in helping wonderful people make a change into a home that is a better fit for their busy lives. The needs and wants of each client are unique. For example, I recently shared a client-win story of a family looking to move after sending their child off to college and I honor the privilege of being a part of some of the biggest events in my client’s lives.  The process of selling or buying a home can be emotional, time-consuming and can be tricky to navigate. A decision to move to a new home may create anxiety and I like to be there every step of the way to provide whatever support my clients may need.  

Real estate doesn’t keep regular hours and I am available to my clients as needed: in-person, remote, nights and weekends.  Communication is vital and I know my clients demand to have prompt email returns, call-backs and answers to questions when they need it.  I work in-person with clients, but I also have a variety of remote options for out of state clients who would like showings over Zoom.  In whatever way a client prefers to communicate is perfectly fine with me and I’m happy to make myself accessible.  

I help clients buy and sell all types of real estate, but as a life-long avid golfer, competitive player, and with Colorado roots in golf reaching back several generations and across family, I have knowledge about and experience with every golf course along the Colorado Front Range. I specialize in golf course property and I know Denver metro golf and golf communities and I am ready to help you find the right place to call home. Whether my clients are avid golfers looking to retire on a golf course, or young professionals just getting into golf, I know the perfect place you should consider!

The needs and wants of each client are unique and I take each client on with their individual outcomes in mind.  From listing to offer to contract to closing, there are numerous vital steps and I want to give you peace of mind. Consumers often think all real estate agents are all the same but we’re all different as well, and if you think I might sound like a good fit to you, then I would love to have some conversation. 

Want to learn more about me, to see if we’d be a good fit? Are you in the market to buy or sell your home?  Call and text me at (720) 323-4176 or email me at [email protected]