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It’s Officially Fall, Time To Start Thinking About Your Heating System

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Cold weather is just around the corner!

Summer really flew by this year as some of us tried to fit two summers into one after making up for lost time last year.  And now it’s that time of year again when you may start with the heater on in the morning, and turn the air conditioning by lunchtime. Living in Colorado is like that!

Did you know that many HVAC professionals recommend that homeowners have their heating systems checked in the fall and the air conditioning checked in the spring?  Since fall is upon us, and winter soon follows, it may be a good time to check out your heating system with these easy steps.

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Know What You Have

If you’re a new homeowner, your realtor may have given you a stack of paperwork with recent maintenance to the home and information about the heating system should be included with that.  It’s good to know what model and brand you have as well as its age and most recent maintenance.  If the previous owner hasn’t left any paperwork about the unit, it’s still a great time to schedule a maintenance appointment.

Cleaning and Maintenance

First and foremost, safety comes first and it’s always advised to use caution around your heating unit.  It is always recommended to hire a professional company for anything more advanced than a simple filter change.  Ideally, homeowners should be calling a professional to maintain and clean heating units once a year and fall is the recommended time to do it. Yearly maintenance will help units last longer and hopefully prevent any mid-winter malfunction. 

Hint: Please reach out to me for some good recommendations for HVAC companies and other maintenance services. I have a preferred list of trusted professionals.


If you have a heating unit that still utilizes removable filters, it’s recommended that they are changed every three months, so once every season. Usually this happens during your yearly cleaning and maintenance appointment.  Changing the filter in the fall is especially important before the unit is used for the winter, especially in Colorado.  If the filter is not easy to access or you simply don’t want to, the same company you hire to do routine maintenance will be happy to come out and do this for you. 

Do you have any lingering fall home maintenance questions?  Are you in the market to buy or sell your home?  Call and text me at (720) 323-4176 or email me at [email protected]

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