multiple colored paint rollers on a wall painting a room

Don’t Walk Away From Your Dream Home Because Of Paint

In Buyers by Doug Phelps

So you’ve found a home that is almost perfect for you, except for one detail…. you hate all the paint color on the walls!  In fact, some first-time buyers may not go through with the deal because of paint color alone but it’s a much easier fix than you may think. Whether you hate the paint color in just a few rooms, or in every room of the house, you may think painting is too time consuming and costly but that’s not true.  If you truly hate the paint color, it can be hard to see the house for what it truly could be, but in reality, painting a room can be the fastest and easiest way to totally transform it.  You have a few options when it comes to painting:

1. Paint it yourself

This is the most common option that first-time buyers may choose for a few reasons which could include wanting to be hands-on in fun new home improvement projects or simply because it’s cost-effective.  Some buyers like the idea of completely transforming a home and paint is a quick and easy way to do that, when compared to other projects.  Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have some friends or loved ones to help you, maybe you can make a fun painting party out of it! 

2. Hire someone to paint it for you

2. Hire someone to paint it for you
This is a common option for homeowners who may be less intrigued with home improvement projects or maybe they physically can’t go through the labor of painting a whole room or house.  Whatever the reason, hiring a professional painting service may be a great option.  

Hint: Please reach out to me for some good recommendations for painting and other home improvements services. I have a preferred list of trusted professionals.

3. Paint before you move in

Whether you decide to paint it yourself, or hire a professional service it may be a great option to paint after closing, but before you move it.  Painting before you move in could be an easier option because you don’t have to worry about moving or covering heavy furniture.  Once moving day arrives, you no longer have to worry about painting because it’s already done and ready for you to start decorating.  

4. Wait until you move in and see what speaks to you

On the other hand, some buyers want to know what their furniture or decor looks like in a home before painting.  For example, some buyers opt to get brand new furniture upon moving into a new home and until they know the color they may hold off on painting.  If you want to wait to paint until you move in, be sure to cover your furniture and floors before starting.  

5. Wallpaper, painting or other wall covering  

If you have large pieces of artwork, tapestries, soundproof material or wallpaper, then you may opt to not paint at all.  After all, if you have a large tapestry that covers a whole wall then you might not even worry about paint.  You may also opt to paint an accent wall as well.  

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