The Importance of Home Inspection

In Buyers by Doug Phelps

Every buyer wants a house that is in perfect condition. In reality, this seldom happens. Defects are common, even in newly constructed houses. This is why it is so important to have a professional home inspection done.

Home inspection in Colorado: what to expect

In Colorado, a buy/sell contract allows a home inspection to happen within a short timeframe after a buyer’s offer is accepted by a seller. A good home inspection is an objective, top-to-bottom examination of the property and everything that comes with it. This includes a review of the home’s heating and cooling systems, the plumbing, wiring, roof, attic, exterior and interior walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, foundation, and basement.

What to do after the inspection

Most problems that inspectors find are minor. Occasionally, a home inspector will uncover something more significant. The time to negotiate repairs is way before closing.

Repairs can be requested by the buyer to be completed before the walk-through that precedes closing. These are done at the seller’s expense. The buyer might also ask for a lower purchase price or other monetary adjustment to help offset the repair costs that are to be handled after closing.

A real estate professional will be at your side to assist in analyzing options and negotiating solutions that work for all parties involved.

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