Six Tips To Make The Home Buying Experience Fun, Profitable and Efficient.

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Last week we looked at the first three of the Six Tips To Make  The Home Buying Experience Fun, Profitable and Efficient.  Let’s take a look at the final three tips today.

  1. Avoid the seller

It’s always preferable for the sellers to be out of the house when prospective buyers are viewing the property. But if you do meet the sellers, don’t get drawn into a conversation.  It’ not that you’re being unfriendly; it’s just that most people reveal  too much information in casual conversation. You could easily say something that makes it more difficult to negotiate with the seller.

  1. Keep a proper perspective

Professionally decorated new homes and resale homes that are ‘staged’ are always appealing because they’re clean, clutter-free and beautifully decorate. But don’t forget to analyze the living space and configuration of rooms with regard to your own family’s lifestyle. Likewise, don’t be turned off by the color of carpeting or dated wallpaper. Look beyond the glitz (or the clutter) and analyze the true features of the house.

  1. Take Notes

It only takes two properties to begin the “mix and match” game. In your head you’ll start combining features of one home with features of another.  Writing down thoughts and feelings that come to you during your tour will make it easier later on to accurately compare properties. For example, does a room feel airy and open? Does the floor plan flow? Does the neighborhood look rundown or well kept?

As a real estate professional it’s easier to see potential problems or spot a “diamond in the rough” than it would be for someone who doesn’t look at homes on a daily basis. So if you’re giving thought to jumping into the market, make the experience a wise and profitable use of your time. Call and let’s start with a no-cost, no-obligation, in-depth analysis of your needs, the market and how we can work together to achieve your goals. Your timing could not be better!

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