My friends say my home looks amazing. Do I really need to hire a stager?

In Sellers by Doug Phelps

For nearly a decade, the Denver metro real estate market has been a wild ride of record-setting activity. This year with COVID-19, this is even more true. We are here to help you prepare for what’s ahead.

Since March, home is probably something you have spent a lot of time in and thinking about. Maybe your dreaming of more space. Perhaps the thoughts are about downsizing. Or life has simply shifted priorities.

Maybe you are thinking about selling or buying.

If you are, it’s rather impossible to completely predict what is next in the next few months of 2020. Or even 2021 and beyond. This much we know — for years sellers have been in charge thanks to extremely low inventories of available homes. This forced buyers to compete against multiple offers at almost every price point.

As you think about what your future holds, what questions should you be asking? This blog series will explore several questions from both the seller and buyer points of view.

Seller Question:

My friends say my home looks amazing. Do I really need to hire a stager?

Answer from Doug:

Your home is laid out for you and the way you live in it. From the family collectibles to furniture pieces to mood-lighting and bold paint colors, you are comfortable and cozy. The problem, buyers can’t imagine their own stuff and life there because of your clutter and individuality.

Like it or not, buyers are online looking at your home and for reasons to check it off their list. You want to think neutral and earthy. While there is a buyer for every property, shorten your time from listing to closing by using paint, carpeting, window treatments, and countertops that help create a look that’s tastefully conventional.  It will help make your house more appealing to potential buyers.

Stagers specialize in knowing how buyers think and what makes the biggest impact on home buyers. Utilize their services when making choices about colors and materials can help improve your bottom line. Stagers differ from interior designers and are much less expensive. A well-staged home more than pays for itself.