Do I really need to use a real estate professional?

In Buyers by Doug Phelps

For nearly a decade, the Denver metro real estate market has been a wild ride of record-setting activity. This year with COVID-19, this is even more true. We are here to help you prepare for what’s ahead.

Since March, home is probably something you have spent a lot of time in and thinking about. Maybe your dreaming of more space. Perhaps the thoughts are about downsizing. Or life has simply shifted priorities.

Maybe you are thinking about selling or buying.

If you are, it’s rather impossible to completely predict what is next in the next few months of 2020. Or even 2021 and beyond. This much we know — for years sellers have been in charge thanks to extremely low inventories of available homes. This forced buyers to compete against multiple offers at almost every price point.

As you think about what your future holds, what questions should you be asking? This blog series will explore several questions from both the seller and buyer points of view.

Buyer Question:

I’m ready to find a perfect new home. Do I really need to use a real estate professional? I mean, can I do it all by myself?

Answer from Doug:

You can absolutely sort through the listings on Zillow and elsewhere, find a quality lender, attend open houses (really tough to do in this COVID-19 environment), research neighborhoods, and craft the 20-page offer to a seller. Not to mention all the other steps to closing.

But why would you want to spend all your precious free time doing this?

In a Denver metro market as competitive as it is, a professional will guide you through a complex process. There are numerous vital steps and doing any one wrong can derail the process. Chances are the seller has professional representation and guide. So should you to help ensure a successful outcome.