B- Bogey/ Birdie: Things to avoid and things to aim for when selling a home

In Sellers by Doug Phelps

In golf, a par is the determined number of strokes that a player should have to complete the hole.  Simply, a bogey is over par (too many stokes) and a birdie is under par. For those who don’t know golf scoring, players strive for the lowest possible score which means that they always want to be at or under par for the best score.  Bogeys can ruin a golfers score and players try to avoid them while birdies can improve a score. Just like a bogey, there are some things to try to avoid when going through the home buying process and on the other hand, there are birdies that home sellers should try to get.  So what are some bogeys to avoid and birdies to strive towards when selling a home?

  • Bogey:

Selling a home is a different process than buying.  A good agent will be able to direct you through this process even if you’ve never done it before.  A few common bogeys that home sellers will want to avoid include:

Selling alone: You may think you can represent yourself in a real estate deal but beware when you post ‘for sale by owner’ especially if you don’t have a background in real estate.  An agent will help you navigate the process, file appropriate paperwork, communicate with all prospective buyers so you don’t have to and will handle all showings.

Too eager: Sellers who want to sell their house as of yesterday tend to be more susceptible to deals that aren’t always in their favor.  Often, the first offer is not the best offer and a seller needs to remember that.

Disclosing too much: Speaking of eagerness, a seller who is in a hurry or simply just not thinking can accidentally disclose too much information to a prospective buyer which could kill the deal.  It’s always best to let the agent communicate with buyers and not get too concerned with interjecting in the middle of it.

Staging issues: From messy rooms to weird smells, presentation of a home can enhance or ruin a potential buyer’s thoughts, your agent will help you stage your home appropriately.

Investing too much in unneeded upgrades: A seller should consult with an agent prior to making upgrades in their property.  An initial agent walk-through will let the agent see the home and also let him or her know what changes, if any, the house may need.  Sometimes sellers spend thousands of dollars on upgrades or ‘fixes’ that an agent would deem unnecessary.

  • Birdie:

Selling a home is a different process than buying.  A good agent will be able to direct you through this process even if you’ve never done it before.  A couple common birdies that home sellers will want to strive toward include:

Staging well: Staging a home is when a seller and/of their agent get a home ready for presentation.  This may include opening windows for natural light, deep cleaning carpets, placing artwork on the walls or putting extra furniture into storage.  A home that is well-staged can make a buyer fall in love at first site and the importance of this act is understood by agents and successful sellers both.  A good agent will most likely have a team of people to help a seller with this task.

Posting at the right time: Winter, Summer; Weekend, Monday; Day, Night…. When is the right time to post your home to the MLS listing?  A good agent will help you decide this or make this decision for you based on your timeline and needs as well as local market trends.  

When you’re ready to begin your home search, contact me at (720) 323-4176, I’ll help you to make sure we avoid any and all possible bogeys! – Doug

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