5 Quick Tips For Staging Your Walls For Home Showings

In Sellers by Doug Phelps

One of the basics of preparing your home to show its best for potential buyers is home staging. You want to depersonalize your home and invite buyers to imagine their things there.

One thing staging experts suggest is to take down family photos, especially those on your walls. It is also suggested that other personal touches, like your kids’ artwork, be removed during the selling process.

But you cannot leave your walls bare because that will make your house look odd or abandoned. So, here are some ways to make your walls ready for potential buyers.

Get your walls on-the-market-ready by following these five easy steps!

Hang Some Art

Art doesn’t have to be expensive. Head to a local gallery and buy creations from local artists. Go with landscapes or even some pleasing and colorful abstract works. Selecting things that work with your decor is important, but even more important is buying something you like to take with you to your next home.

Decorate With Posters

This will not work in every room. A poster in a living room or a dining room is not the best idea, but fun and inspirational posters are a terrific idea for dens and playrooms. If you have an entertainment room or home theater, one or two framed posters of classic movies are a great touch.

Picture Perfect

The goal is to take down photos of family and friends, but that does not mean you have to ban photography completely. Take some pictures of your favorite places in your neighborhood, such as a nice shot of your area’s downtown. Go on walks in parks or on nature trails and snap away. Consider photos that fit the season—trees with autumn-colored leaves in the fall and snowy landscapes in the winter.

Go Local

Show off your neighborhood to let potential buyers know you love the area you live in. Maps of your state or city are a great idea. This does not mean a map that looks like it came out of a textbook, though. Go with something artsy and creative.

Mirror Image

Mirrors serve a lot of functions. Place one on a wall near your front door, not only to enhance the look of your foyer but to serve a practical purpose because it lets people take the last glance at themselves before going out. Strategically placed mirrors can also make spaces in your home look roomier.

As needed, a good stager can offer artwork and other things for your walls. Contact me for some wonderful resources.