Sellers: Control What You Can Control – 8 Simple Suggestions

In Sellers by Doug Phelps

As a seller, there are a host of things you can’t control in your home selling process. For starters, you can’t force potential buyers to come see your home, let alone make an offer on it. But to improve your chances, there are things you can address that could otherwise turn off prospective buyers.

Look around the house and make sure you don’t ignore any of these simple and cost-effective repairs and updates that can make a buyer think twice about your asking price.

Paint colors that don’t blend in

As a buyer pulls up to the curb one of the first impressions is the exterior color of the home. If it’s a very different color from your neighborhood or general area, consider painting it.

The same goes for the interior. If your living room is bright orange, paint over it. Choose a warm, neutral color so buyers can project their own ideas onto it. Paint window trims too.

Depressing landscaping

Potential buyers also notice the trees, the grass, the pathway, the plants out front. They all matter. Expect lower offers if your yard is overgrown, covered in weeds, dead or dying. Keep plants trimmed and the grass freshly cut. Make sure the walkway is clear and the lawn is tidy. A fresh layer of mulch or rock will brighten up the outside too.

An un-welcome front door

The front door is one of the next things a buyer notices. Is it flimsy, cheap, or outdated? This will discourage the buyer before they ever set foot inside the home. Paint it; or better yet, replace it with a new one – it is an update that you will easily recoup your cost.

A nasty smell of … ick

Now that a buyer has (finally!) stepped inside, one thing that can turn a buyer off fast is the stench of cigarette smoke or poorly trained pets or … something else. It’s nearly impossible for us to pick up on smells in our homes after we’ve lived in them for a while, so have a friend over to sniff around your place. If it stinks, do a deep cleaning – of everything.

Peekaboo screens

Buyers will notice window and door screens that are torn, missing or damaged. Don’t make this the things buyers see instead of the beautiful views.  Screens can easily and cheaply be repaired or replaced.

Dripping sounds

Dripping faucets or running toilets will cause a buyer to question your level of care, and wonder what else could be going on. These are quick fixes that shouldn’t go ignored.

Bad lighting

Replace harsh lights with bulbs that have a warm-colored glow. Clean out all light fixtures to get rid of dirt or dead bugs.

Outdated kitchen and baths

Renovating a kitchen or baths can get real expensive, real fast. It doesn’t need to be. Keep a makeover simple and quick – add a fresh coat of paint. In these rooms paint colors can be more inviting. Also, update the hardware – switch out old cabinet knobs, handles and sink accessories for something fresher.