Y is for Yard

In Sellers by Doug Phelps

If you’ve looked into selling your house, you know that curb appeal is incredibly important. While there are many aspects of making your house appealing on the drive-by, the condition of your yard is huge. Here are a few tips for making sure your yard is ready to attract potential buyers.

Clean up your yard and landscaping

We all get busy and sometimes lawn maintenance falls a bit by the wayside.  But your lawn is one of the first things a potential buyer might see. Keep things cut and neat. You’ll also want to weed and water your flower beds, trim bushes and hedges, and prune trees. This will give you a beautiful exterior to highlight for potential buyers. And, don’t forget the power of power wash for dirty surfaces.

Make repairs

People also don’t want a headache in a new a potential home. If you’re irrigation system isn’t working properly, get a tune up. Fix any leaky faucets or pickets as well. You don’t want to scare a potential buyer off with the possibility of water damage.

Consider some color

Adding some bright colored flowers and plants can be another great way to get the attention of potential buyers and set your home apart. If you don’t have room for planting, try some potted plants or hanging baskets instead.

A new coat of paint on the front door can say, “welcome!”

Highlight the backyard

People often want a backyard space they can spend time in and entertain. Show off your deck or patio with nice outdoor furniture. Even just replacing those weather cushions can go a long way in sprucing things up. Draw attention to the grilling area or put a bench under the tree to show off the best shady spots.

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