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Why your second home should be on a golf course

In Buyers, Golf Course Living by Doug Phelps

Many families and individuals like expanding their financial portfolio with real estate: namely rental property or a second home.  For those looking for a second home, you should consider looking at a golf course home. Homes as part of a golf course community is a great choice for either a primary residence or a second home.  Having a second home is great for a break from the regular hustle of life and a great way to vacation and have leisure time and golf course communities are built with that in mind.  If you still need some convincing, here are some benefits to picking a home in a golf course community as a second home:

1. Golf course communities are made for leisure

Like stated above, golf course communities are made for leisure.  Golf course communities usually have clubhouses which offer other sports, such as tennis and swimming. Moreover, most clubhouses have a restaurant and other amenities such as workout rooms and saunas. Many golf course communities have options for community areas for events, barbecues and parties which are planned on a regular basis.  All of these options together make for a very good option for fun, second home leisure!

2. Safe Neighborhood

If you’re looking for a second home, the odds that this home will be empty a majority of the time are predominately high.  Because of this, you want your home to be in an extremely safe community which golf course communities are.  Some golf course communities are even gated, or at least have on-premise security. Safety is key for a second home and golf course communities do it very well. The only thing you may need to worry about is the occasional stray ball!

3. Golf courses in Colorado are breathtaking 

Especially if you live out of state, a golf course home in Colorado is beautiful natural scenery. Whether during a game of golf or a stroll on a community walking path, being able to see the perfectly manicured green course, the mountain backdrop and so many sunny days per year the scenery is next to none.  There are many beautiful courses across the country, but Colorado has a specific natural beauty that people all over the world come to see.  If you live out of state, I am happy to set up remote showings for any home you may be interested in seeing.

4. You don’t need to love golf to LOVE living on a golf course

I’ve mentioned it before, but you really don’t need to be an avid golfer to love living on a golf course.  With high safety, a close and fun community feel and great amenities a golf course community is perfect for those looking to have fun away from the golf course itself.  Golf course homes are modern, beautiful and have upgrades and amenities that make the home itself and the community highly desired.  If you love golf, then that’s even better, but even casual golf fans enjoy living on a golf course.  

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