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Tips To Move Out Of A Storage Unit

In Buyers by Doug Phelps

You’ve done it! After a long search process, you found the perfect home that accommodates your family and lifestyle.  Now comes the laborious task of moving, which could include clearing out a storage unit.  It’s not uncommon for buyers to use a storage unit on either a long-term or short-term basis at some point during the home buyers process, especially if you’ve come from out of state or had to sell your old home before buying a new one.  Many Colorado real estate buyers are coming from out of state so storage units can be a real savior.  To mitigate stress on moving day, take a look below for some helpful tips about successfully moving out of a storage unit.

1. Schedule the time

Especially if you’re moving on the weekend, check with the facility manager about the best time to come clear out your unit.  While you might not necessarily need to formally schedule a time to move, it might be good to know the highest traffic times so you’re not constantly running into other storage unit tenants while you move up and down the aisles.  While you’re at it, it is good to let the facility manager know that you are moving out so that you can stop getting charged.

2. Decide if it will be before, during or after moving day

While you’re scheduling things, decide if you’re going to move out of your storage unit on the official moving day or not.  Some people decide to clear out their unit right after closing, while some people decide to clear out their storage unit after moving day.  Depending on if the unit contains essentials, it may be important to decide what sequence makes sense for you. 

3. Do you need a truck?

Decide if you need a truck and/or movers to move out of your storage unit.  If you have a small unit and a large enough vehicle then it’s probably not a concern but if you have a large unit with essentials like beds, couches and heavy appliances it might be time to schedule a moving truck.  Moving companies will come to your storage unit and follow you to the new home, just like you were moving from house to house.

4. Clean up the unit

After you’ve cleared out your unit, it is good to take one last check around the unit to make sure nothing is lingering in the corners.  It might also be good to sweep up as some facilities charge deposits for damages or cleaning. 

5. Take your lock

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to take your unit lock.  Afterall, you paid for it, and it belongs to you.  You may need the lock down the road and you’ll have it for then.  If you’ve visited your unit a few times, you may fall into the habit of locking the unit again but you’re moving out so make sure to take the lock with you this time.  

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