Tips to Make the Home Buying Experience Fun, Profitable and Efficient

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The home buying search should be fun.  It should also be an efficient use of a buyer’s time, and rewarding in getting that perfect home.

This may sound like a tall order, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some simple suggestions to get home:

Analyze your lifestyle. Create a list that reflects the lifestyle you want. Will you do more (or less) entertaining?  Is yard work something you enjoy or something you want to eliminate?  Do guests stay with you often?  By identifying your lifestyle in detail, you help yourselves and your Realtor zero in on finding potential properties that meet your needs.

Get pre-approved. This is more than just a quick pre-qualification, but a more in-depth evaluation by a lender for a loan. This will keep you from wasting valuable time looking at homes you can’t afford, increase your negotiating position, and speed up the whole process.

Stick to your requirements. It can be fun to look at more costly homes than you can afford, but save yourself the time and anguish in visiting these properties.  Also, as you visit a property and quickly determine it doesn’t meet your needs or you just don’t like it – even before you go in the front door – it’s ok to stop the tour or simply not start.

Keep a proper perspective. Professionally decorated new homes and resale homes that are staged are always appealing because they are clean, clutter-free and beautifully decorated.  Analyze the living spaces with regard to your family’s lifestyle.  Don’t be completely turned off by the color of the carpeting or dated paint.  Look beyond these and analyze the true features of the house.

Take notes. It only takes two properties to begin the “mix and mis-match” game.  In your head you will start combining features of one house with features of another.  Write down thoughts and feelings that come to you during the tour, this will make it easier to later on remember and accurately compare properties.

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