Tips and Tricks to Organizing Your Pantry

In Homeowners by Doug Phelps

Have you always dreamed of being able to open your pantry and find anything you’re looking for with ease? This reality isn’t as difficult to achieve as you think it might be. Here are some tips and tricks to re-organizing your kitchen pantry:

Use Clear Containers

One of the easiest things you can do to tidy up your pantry is investing in some clear storage containers. This will provide you with some much needed uniformity and help you keep food items fresh longer.

Clear containers are great for bulk items like flour, sugar, and cereal. Some items, like dried fruit, look particularly nice in clear containers, giving your pantry a splash of color. This can also be a great opportunity to consolidate. After all, you don’t really need 6 jars of dried basil, do you?

If you don’t love the idea of taking a trip to The Container Store, mason jars and baskets work great too.

Group Similar Items

Use clear plastic storage bins or sheet pans group items together. This might mean putting all the canned fruits and vegetables together. Or, it could mean putting all the after-school snacks in one bin. Lazy Susan’s can be a great way to group oils and sauces.

Some people choose to organize their pantry by zones, so things are grouped by categories like staples, snacking, baking and spices, and even kid food. However, you decide to do it, make sure you stick with your system.

Clean Out Your Pantry—Often

One of the easiest ways to keep your pantry organized is to know what’s in it. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to clean up and tidy your pantry, just in case something got misplaced or moved around. Once a week, take an inventory of what’s in your pantry. This can even become part of a larger meal-planning routine.

Add Additional Storage

Pull-out drawer storage is an excellent project if you are open to a bigger renovation. You might also consider plastic bins with drawers. And, inside of your pantry door can be an excellent place for a spice rack or other storage options. If you find that there’s just not enough space in your pantry, consider adding some open shelving in other open spaces in your kitchen for extra storage space.


Don’t be afraid to jazz up your pantry for an easy refresh. You might consider putting in some wallpaper, tiling for easy cleaning, or painting your pantry a bright color. Create labels with pretty fonts for all your new storage.

Chalkboard paint can be a fun and easy way to give yourself space to keep grocery lists, write out weekly meal plans, or just add a bit of whimsy to your pantry space.

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