The Pros and Cons of Living on a Golf Course

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Did you know that there are over million new golfers per year in the United States?

It is a known fact that golf is one of the most popular sports played today. This being said, if you are an avid player the thought of living on a golf course must have crossed your mind? Imagine waking up every morning and having all the amenities on your doorstep!

Living on a golf course sounds very appealing to those who love the game. It used to insinuate a certain level of affluence, with huge mansions siding golf courses. For homeowners these days, there are many different styles and sizes of homes that make golf course living more affordable.

Before you take the leap and make the decision of living on a golf course, let’s look at some pros and cons.

Disadvantages of Living on a Golf Course

Living on a golf course is not always what it’s made out to be. There are also some things that can be seen as disadvantages to living in a golf community.

Here are some things to weigh up when considering golf course living.


Maintenance and lawn mowing is an inevitable part of golf course living. This of course takes place at sunrise to be ready for early golfers. The constant noise of sprinklers may also annoy you.

Apart from that, you have to contend with golf carts whizzing past at any given time. Another thing to contend with is the groups of golfers walking past chattering loudly.

Those Pesky Wandering Balls

Living in a golf community brings in safety issues. We are talking about those pesky flying golf balls.

Depending on where your home is situated on the golf course, your home can be struck with the occasional unruly golf ball. Battered cars, cracked windshields, and broken windows can be a regular event as a homeowner on a golf course.

You can take out a homeowners insurance policy that will cover broken windows and dented cars. But, there is of course the threat of being hurt by stray golf balls. This can be stressful if you have small children!

Living in Privacy

Privacy during the day will be close to non-existent. It is unavoidable that during the day golfing groups will be walking past your home and staring inside. This lack of privacy is one of the biggest disadvantages of living on the golf course.

Homeowners Association and Restrictions

Golf course homes are often governed by a homeowners association. These associations have homeowners rules and regulations that are bound by firm protocols.

Be aware of these rules and read the fine print. These may include rules against, outdoor buildings or structures. It may limit the choice of house color, the building of swimming pools, or other construction limits.

The Advantages of Living on a Golf Course

There are many great advantages to living on a golf course. And as a golfer, living in a golf course community is a dream come true! Here are some of those advantages.

Recreation at Your Fingertips

Living on a beautiful golf course community gives you a variety of entertainment. You have the convenience of hopping onto your golf cart and meeting up with your friends at the clubhouse as well as teeing-off at any time you choose.

Golf communities usually have clubhouses which offer other sports, such as tennis and swimming. Moreover, most clubhouses have a restaurant and other amenities such as workout rooms and saunas.

Living in such surroundings means that you as a golfer can play and improve your game. It also offers other members of the family a choice of facilities, especially when choosing to live in the Denver Metro Area. There is access to everything from hiking and mountain biking to climbing, trails to run, and beautiful scenery all around.

Sometimes, golf facilities have complimentary membership agreements with other golf facilities in the same area or even across the country.

Safe Community Living

Some golf communities are gated with their own security. This includes gate guards and surveillance equipment. This will give you peace of mind and assurance that you and your property are well looked after.

Most golfers prefer and tend to spend time with like-minded golfers who have the same passion for the game. These golf communities will provide grounds for convivial living.

Learning Young

For the most part, people assume that golf communities are for retirees. Not at all, many families live on golf courses across the United States.

A great way to keep your children physically active is to start them playing golf at an early age. Golf not only helps in keeping them fit but will stimulate mental and disciplinary growth. Not to mention all the other benefits and amenities offered up with golf course living.

Of course, the best is that it’s a game the whole family can play and enjoy together!

Growing and Maintaining Property Value

Homes on golf courses normally have clear cut rules on the appearance and upkeep of their properties. This will help the value of the property maintain an even keel or more so, escalate.

High standards are kept because there is a governing body managing the whole of the golfing estate. For this reason and the added amenities provided, it will maintain the high standards and property value at a peak.

Make Your Decision and Tee Off!

Research is the key! Have a plan and write down what you are expecting in a property, the course, and the neighborhood. Then research, research, and research some more. Check all the golfing estate’s rules and regulations. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

The clear benefits of living in a golf course community are the gorgeous views and landscaped greens. All this without having to put the extra effort and expense into upkeep. Many courses offer views including trees, ponds, lakes, some will even offer wildlife.

So let’s say your research is complete and you have made your decision. Consult an expert REALTOR® who specializes in Colorado golf course homes.

Or start by heading over and looking at the latest Colorado golf course homes for sale.

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