Strategies to Help You Get What You Want

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Market conditions are always on the move, swinging from and between a “Seller’s Market” and “Buyer’s Market”. Regardless of the current market conditions there are a few simple strategies that always benefit both buyers and sellers. Let’s look at a few tips for Sellers that help make the most of time, effort and money.

Strategy 1 – Give yourself time. Home preparation, making repairs, staging, scheduling showings, finding a qualified buyer, getting through inspection and appraisal, and finally to the closing table takes time. You will have more options and greater control of the process by giving yourself plenty of time.

Strategy 2 – Be realistic. Technology makes it easy to determine if a house is priced in the proper range, by comparing to similar houses in the neighborhood – sold and currently on the market. If it’s priced too high and is not marketed well, potential buyers won’t even bother to look, turning it into a stale listing in no time at all.

Strategy 3 – Be creative. Looking to close the deal? It’s perfectly acceptable to offer Buyers cash back at closing to help cover expenses such as closing costs, to include the refrigerator in the garage, or to include the snow blower in the storage shed. I’m even aware of a purchase where a Seller included his dog in the deal! Small things like this can be a difference maker.

Strategy 4 – Be well-connected. If we or any of your referrals should ever work together, you are provided with the kinds of details, facts and reliable counsel that support you to feel comfortable and confident in your decisions. You will also need other trustworthy professionals – such as title specialists, staging professionals, contractors, as well as inspectors and lenders for your next home. By working together you have access to a team of other professionals whose trustworthiness, knowledge and dedication to a successful transaction experience has been established.

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