Staging: The Economical Alternative to Remodeling

In Homeowners by Doug Phelps

Here is a rather typical scenario:

I am working with a seller and a home stager to get a house ready to go onto the market.  The seller does a bunch of low-cost and even no-cost things that have made the house show better, so it will stand out in the emotional thoughts of potential buyers.  The client says, “Wow! – I didn’t realize how nice my house really is.”

This repeated experience makes me wonder if home staging is something we should do as home owners every few years – and not just reserve it for a time of selling.

Over time, our houses get cluttered.  Decorating gets dated.  Furniture arrangements and accessories rob a room of its functionality.  Everything can add up to Ugly.  A little bit of home staging efforts every now and then, guided by a skilled home stager, can improve the enjoyment of our homes.  It is truly amazing what a few hundred dollars to perhaps a thousand or two will do for the look and feel of any home.

Want a plan for updating and remodeling over a period of years?  A home stager offers an additional strategy that is budget and time conscious, offering smaller scale projects to do every year or two.

As these projects are planned so that each one contributes to a similar look and feel and theme throughout the house, the overall effect is very dramatic. And when the time is to sell, the house is further along, perhaps fully ready.  It will reduce the anxiety and stress of this part of the selling process, and can add significantly to your bottom line.


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