Six Home Investments That Add Enjoyment And Value

In Homeowners by Doug Phelps

Looking for ideas to increase the enjoyment factor for your current home? Even if you have no plans to sell in the foreseeable future, here are six investments that can provide a return to you in both enjoyment now and future value to prospective buyers when the time comes.

A lawn sprinkler system. Automated systems are an excellent investment for keeping your yard in beautiful shape, while saving time, energy and money. A plan that waters all of the yard, from the grass to the flower and vegetable gardens, at regular times for a set period, will keep it in beautiful condition.

Security lights. Flooding an area with light, be it by way of motion detectors or porch/lamp lights, is a security feature that provides some peace of mind and is one that people like to see when it’s time to sell.

Storage space. From garage cabinets and overhead bins, to basement shelves and bins, everyone loves having plenty of out of the way and out of sight storage space in their homes.

Sliding cabinet shelves. This handy home feature doubles down on two things Americans love in the kitchen – storage and ease of use. Sliding shelves increase effective cabinet space by making it substantially easier to place, reach and retrieve items stored in the back of the cabinets.

Interior and exterior speakers. High tech homes stand out. Either hard wire or use a Bluetooth compatible sound system in your home, put a speaker in each room and outside, and control the music from anywhere in the house with one remote.

Outside electrical outlets. Whether it’s plugging in some holiday lights, an electric mower, snow blower or leaf blower, turning on a water feature, or a multitude of possibilities in your yard, outdoor electrical outlets make it easy – and look way better than having unsightly cords snaking around all over your property.

Ceiling fans with a remote control. As noted in a previous post, ceiling fans are a great way to lower the need to run the a/c in the summer and the furnace in the winter. Climbing a ladder to switch the fan blades direction is a pain, so install ones with remote control to make it easy and safe.

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