Should You Hire A Professional Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home?

In Sellers by Doug Phelps

Can you sell your house without hiring a professional licensed Realtor®? The short answer is, yes.  But, why would you want to?  Here are 10 factors that a seller should consider to make the experience fast, easy, correct the first time, and at a reasonable success fee.

  1. Pricing. The most important step is pricing your house properly.  Professional agents don’t set the value of houses, we read the market to determine what a reasonable value is for your house balanced with your requirements for timeframe in selling.  You hire a Realtor® as the professional to trust their input to help you set the price on your property to achieve the outcome you are looking for.
  1. Understanding the Market. Do you understand the real estate market, especially what is happening in your local community and even your own neighborhood?  A Realtor® has up to date information on what is happening in the local neighborhood marketplace, and access to the price, financing, terms and condition of competing properties. These are key factors in getting your property sold at the best, highest price.
  1. Staging. The statistics are compelling:  With the right staging, on average sellers get as much as 6% more and the property sells in 1/3 of the time.  A professional real estate agent has the right partners and the right resources to prepare the property to ensure you are getting the most possible for your house, which is now a commodity.
  1. Generating Traffic. Can you quickly and easily generate traffic for your house and be able to get the word out about it?  An experienced Realtor® not only lists your property in the multiple listing service (MLS), but will have other marketing resources and strategies to increase exposure for your house to buyers everywhere.
  1. Buyers Want a “Deal.” If you sell your house on your own, buyers will be looking for a deal from you. When a professional agent lists your home, you can expect someone acting in your best interest to get the highest true market value.
  1. Composure Under Pressure. Are you able to handle all different types of personalities and keep your composure?  Can you confirm if a buyer is qualified and has a pre-approval with a lender?  Can you handle non-qualified buyers?  Have you the patience and right temperament for criticism and questions?  Buyers are not looking to be your friend.
  1. Answering Questions Properly. Can you be available to answer questions by phone, email, and text, and be sure you are answering them correctly and protecting your position?  A professional Realtor® has years of experience with laws, contracts, forms and negotiations.  You answering any questions in the wrong way can squash the deal!
  1. Offers. It is possible to get multiple offers on your property. Do you have a strategy of how to evaluate, scrutinize and respond to the offers?
  1. Contracts. The real estate home selling and buying process has never been more complicated and regulated.  From listing to offer to contract to closing, there are numerous vital steps in a real estate transaction.  Many aspects in a resale property contract favor buyers.  Do you want to get through all the stress of listing and selling your property and then find out something that could have been avoided is now a deal-breaker?
  1. Closing. Can you get to the finish line and close the sale of your house without being overwhelmed?  A professional Realtor® is with you throughout the entire process and is truly the best person to objectively help you resolve issues and get the transaction done.

A Realtor’s job is to ensure your property is well-priced and “parade of homes” ready, is all over the Internet and enhanced on and another 400+ real estate websites, to prepare awesome literature, photos and virtual tours, and make sure that the property is in the MLS correctly and beautifully.  Once all this is done, a Realtor® is your advocate and professional who continues to read the market, guide you on what to do as a result of market changes, manage the offers that are received and the personalities associated with each, and lead the process to a successful closing.

Studies time and time again show that homes typically sell for more money when handled by a real estate professional, netting more to the seller. As a professional licensed Realtor® I am here to guide you to get the most for your house in the shortest time possible, in a process that reduces stress, is rewarding and successful.  In short: your partner, your ally, your advocate.

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