U – Upright: Picking the Correct Location for Golf Course Living

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Sometimes you may encounter a less than ideal shot when a ball goes in the long rough. Of course, you must strategize how to get your ball out of this tall grass and back into the fairway or perhaps hit the green. You also have to be aware of what is ahead of you so the situation doesn’t go from bad to worse.

One possible solution is to use a more upright swing that reduces the amount of grass to plow through. An upright swing is much steeper than normal and used when a shot needs to gain elevation quickly. This angle of attack can help golfers get out of sticky situations with ease.

So you’ve decided that you’re ready to join the community of golf course living. Congratulations!

A bit of strategy and coming into the process at the right angle of attack can turn a home search into a wonderful experience with a happy outcome.  If this is your first time living on a golf course, below is a list of some things to keep in mind when searching for your perfect golf course home.  

Are property values stable?

Living on a golf course that most folks really gravitate towards is the idea that golf course homes stay pretty stable in value.  Aside from all the extracurricular perks about living on a golf course, steadily increasing values are what attracts many buyers to a golf course home.  It is important to research if the golf course is financially healthy. The newer the community, the greater the likelihood that the golf course depends on the community and may struggle financially. This could impact property values long term. Researching the ownership/management of the golf course should be an essential part of due diligence.

Does the HOA community have any rules concerning age restrictions of residents?

Sometimes there are limitations as to residents’ ages, typically at 55+ required for the primary owner(s). This is the case at Heritage Eagle Bend and Heritage Todd Creek. Some communities around other golf courses can have these same age restrictions; for example, certain neighborhoods around Green Valley Ranch and The Links in Highlands Ranch. It is important to note that all of these courses are open for public play and any age group. Living on or nearby these courses requires planning and knowledge of the nearby neighborhoods for a successful outcome.

Should we buy within the community or just close by?

Golf communities designed prior to about 1995 typically have smaller corridors for each golf hole – i.e., the width for each hole is narrower from the lot line to an opposite lot line. Those built more recently have more room from fairway to lot lines, helping keep errant golf balls and golfers from entering your yard. Two fine examples of this are Broadlands GC in Broomfield or Westwoods GC in Arvada.

Stray balls and the places not to be?

Living on a golf course can have a few drawbacks.  One that many people think of is a stray shot landing in the yard, striking the roof or going through a window.  In planning your strategy, as is the house in the flight path of golf balls?

Statistically, most golfers play right-handed. An average drive for men is 220-260 yards off the tee, with many sliced (ball flight is left to right).

The hook side on a hole is less likely to be the direction of an errant shot than the slice side. 

Closer to or behind a tee is better than at the landing area.

At the green, above the hole is better than below the hole where elevation and gravity can be your friend. 

Mature trees on the line of flight – especially at a right-hand dogleg – can offer some natural protection.

Hazards such as bunkers, water, and long grass between the property lot and the fairway can also keep errant golf shots away.

Are there other location factors to keep in mind?

View corridors from various parts of the home, especially in the summer months. For many buyers, the views are one of the most important wants. In a community like University of Denver Golf Club at Highlands Ranch, there are opportunities of 180-degree views of the foothills stretching from Longs Peak to the north and Pikes Peak to the south.

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This post is part of an ongoing series where we talk about my two favorite things: golf and real estate!  Stay tuned for more golf-themed posts as we go through the ABC’s of real estate and provide helpful tips for home buyers and sellers alike. 

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