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Part 2: The Pros and Cons of Living on a Golf Course

In Buyers, Golf Course Living by Doug Phelps

Last week, we looked at the advantages of living on a golf course. Things like great sense of community, being able to play golf whenever you desire and always having recreation at your fingertips is what usually draws folks in to golf course living.

Living on a golf course sounds very appealing to those who love the game. It may signify to others a level of affluence, leisure and relaxation. The clear benefits of living in a golf course community are the gorgeous views and landscaped greens. All this without having to put the extra effort and expense into upkeep. Many courses offer views including trees, ponds, lakes, some will even offer wildlife.  However, there are other aspects to be aware of which may not seem so ideal.  Before you take the leap and make the decision of living on a golf course, let’s look at some pros and cons.

Below are some things to keep in mind when looking at homes on a golf course so you have all the facts you need.

Potential Disadvantages of Living on a Golf Course:
  • Noise
    Maintenance and lawn mowing is an inevitable part of golf course living. This of course takes place at sunrise to be ready for early golfers. The overnight noise of sprinklers may annoy you.  Apart from that, you might have to contend with golf carts whizzing past at any given time. Another thing to possibly contend with is groups of golfers walking past and chattering loudly.
  • Those Pesky Wandering Balls
    Depending on where your home is situated on the golf course, your home can be struck with the occasional unruly golf ball. Battered deck chairs and roofs, cracked windshields, and perhaps broken windows can be a sometimes event as a homeowner on a golf course. A key is just where on a golf hole your home is. You can take out a homeowners insurance policy that will cover broken windows and dented cars and you may also need to watch for stray balls around pets or kids. 
  • Living in Privacy
    Again, depending on where your home is located, privacy during the day may be difficult to achieve.  It is unavoidable that during the day golfing groups will be walking past your home and staring inside and this can really be bothersome to some owners. 
  • Homeowners Association and Restrictions
    Golf course homes are often governed by a homeowners association. These associations have homeowners rules and regulations that are bound by firm protocols.  Be aware of these rules and read the fine print. These may include rules against outdoor buildings or structures. It may limit the choice of house color, the building of swimming pools, or other construction limits.

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