How to Green Up Your Home

In Homeowners by Doug Phelps

With spring in the air, consider these ways to green up the indoor spaces in your home and bring the great outdoors inside.

Create an indoor garden

A sunny window ledge is the great spot for a mini-greenhouse. Create an indoor garden with a combination of sun-loving and shade-loving plants depending on the direction your windows face.  Plenty of low-maintenance house plants, like edible wheat grass, spider plant, and peace lilies, thrive with just a little water and controlled temperatures.

Grow some kitchen herbs

Your kitchen window is the perfect location for an indoor herb garden. Herbs are hardy. Parsley, chives, or mint are all low-maintenance plants and a good place to start. Basil is popular in cooking. Just get in the habit of giving them a little water when you’re making dinner. 

Use your bathroom

All that steam and humidity created by your shower makes the bathroom the perfect place for a fern, bamboo, aloe, or other moisture-loving plants. Just keep in mind that low light, high humidity, and temperature swings need to be considered when choosing plants for a bathroom.


Succulents are the perfect plants. Set them on a bookshelf or coffee table for a natural flourish. They are extremely low-maintenance and easy to care for. If you don’t have a lot of space, a vertical succulent garden can be a beautiful way to green up your home.


A terrarium is an excellent way to incorporate plants into your decor without them overtaking your terrain. Compact, small and portable, all a terrarium requires is a glass container with soil or stones and a few pint-sized plants. Voila! You can add gardener to your resume. Bonus: you only need to water once every few weeks.

Plant a tree

Ficus, fiddleleaf figs, and rubber trees are just a few of the tree species that thrive inside. Dwarf fruit trees are also a great option, if you are willing to provide a bit of extra care when it comes to watering and sunlight. Plus, imagine those ripe lemons!

Fake is okay

Fake plants can be a wonderful option if you travel a lot or have a destructive pet. What’s more, mixing some nice fake plants in with the live ones can add some variety without the extra work of maintaining difficult species.

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