Understanding the True Condition of a Home

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There are two ways that a Buyer can combine to understand the true condition of a house they want to buy.

Prior to a sale, a Seller in Colorado fills out a disclosure document called a Seller’s Property Disclosure. In the document the Seller answers several questions about the property to the best of their knowledge, revealing all known defects. This disclosure is often made available during a showing, and always provided to a Buyer when an offer is made.

The second is by doing a complete professional home inspection. An inspection evaluates all the major systems of a home, in an objective, top-to-bottom examination of the property and everything that comes with it.

Together, these two processes help a Buyer know what they are getting themselves into. Or, gives them the knowledge they need to terminate the transaction. Working with a real estate professional to guide Buyers through these steps provides tremendous peace of mind.

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