H- Ham and Egg: The perfect Realtor/client relationship

In Buyers, Sellers by Doug Phelps

You may be hungry hearing about the combination of ham and eggs but instead in the game of golf ham-and-egg refers to team members who complement each other.  Indeed, golf is not always a solo session and when playing in a team, one member can help to better the overall score if another player has a few bad holes for example.  The home buying and home selling process is absolutely a teamwork situation. The client lets their needs be known while the Realtor figures out ways to achieve that goal and make everyone happy at the end.  A client and a good Realtor go well together like ham and eggs.  

The dream team for Realtor and client relationships is one that is full of communication, clarity, sociability, and clear expectations. A good Realtor-client relationship is one step closer to being able to act fast on a transaction and get the intended results for the client.  It seems like an Realtor and client aren’t really a team but in reality they absolutely are! An Realtor is a perfect resource for his or her client and when used properly, it can be magical. Realtors can help keep clients calm in high pressure situations, nail down the wish list, determine expectations and negotiate price.  The dynamic between seller and Realtor and also buyer and Realtor looks slightly different:

Seller: For the seller / Realtor relationship, there are a few key things the Realtor is making happen:

  • The Realtor wants to get the best price possible for the seller and this includes proper upgrades, promotion, timing and communication.
  • The Realtor wants to communicate any and all offers that come in: Ultimately the accepted offer will be up to the seller but the Realtor can help influence based on certain factors.
  • The Realtor wants to ensure the transaction is smooth for the seller: this may include keeping timely deadlines or scheduling open houses while not stressing out the client.  

Buyer: For the buyer / Realtor relationship, there are a few key things that should be happening:

  • The Realtor wants to make sure the buyer is checking off as much of their wishlist as possible.  They may not nail it 100% but a good Realtor will get as close as possible.
  • The Realtor wants to make sure the buyer understands the process so that the buyer knows how fast they need to act.  For example, on a highly coveted home an Realtor with encourage quick action so the buyer can compete well with other offers and get the home.
  • The Realtor will make sure the buyer is comfortable with the final price, it is an Realtor’s job to make sure not to oversell the buyer but instead act responsibly according to budget.

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