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Growing Colorado Health Trends

In Active Lifestyle Living by Doug Phelps

It’s no surprise that Colorado is a healthy state. With ample outdoor activities, plenty of health food stores, and a booming wellness industry, Coloradans tend to be especially health-conscious. Here are some of the growing Colorado health and wellness trends to be on the lookout for.

Meditating in the studio

Meditation isn’t exactly new. It’s a well-known practice to help alleviate stress and center yourself and your perspective. But several studios are popping up across the Denver-metro area that will allow you to meditate in a group setting.

Meditation studios are like other group fitness endeavors in that they promote wellness and community. Many of the classes are guided by instructors trained to teach students a wide variety of mindfulness activities and techniques. Studios also offer drop-in opportunities and even lunch time meditation to cater to busy schedules.

Check out the Kadampa Meditation Center for more information and opportunities to meditate around Colorado.

CBD oil

The rising popularity of CBD oil for medicinal purposes is a national trend, with people using CBD for everything from chronic pain to anxiety. There are even CBD products available for your pets.

CBD, or cannabidiol oil, comes from the resin glands of the cannabis (marijuana) plant. It can also be made from the hemp plant. Proponents believe the substance has endless wellness applications.

What makes CBD oil a growing trend in Colorado specifically is the legalization of marijuana throughout the state. Dispensaries make cannabis-based CBD oil readily available for purchase. And, hemp oil can be purchased at places like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers.

Unique places to do yoga

Yoga studios have been a mainstay in the Colorado health and wellness scene for years. Yoga provides people with a whole health perspective and excellent fitness opportunities. And, just as there are many yoga styles and practices, now there are a widening range of places you can do yoga throughout the Denver-metro area.

Try Rainforest Yoga at the Butterfly Pavilion or Yoga Under the Sea at the Denver Aquarium. For the truly adventurous, you can try paddleboard yoga at Cherry Creek Reservoir. To learn more about these, and other, unique yoga opportunities, go here.

Outdoor fitness classes

Fitness lovers will adore the growing number of opportunities to take your workout routine outside around the Denver-metro area.

Civic Center MOVES offers free outdoor fitness for all levels Monday through Thursday in Civic Center Park, from April to October.

The November Project meets on Wednesdays and Fridays at locations like the Denver Capitol Building and different Denver Parks for plyometric training. These high intensity workouts utilize Denver landmarks for thing like sprints and stair climbs and you’ll love being part of the “5280 tribe.”

Running social clubs

Running is definitely a popular fitness outlet in Colorado. But a growing number of organizations in the Denver-metro area are finding ways to make running a more social activity.  

Highland Tap and Burger hosts a running club that meets every Wednesday for a 5k or 10k throughout the year, followed by free pasta, salad, and 20% off select beers. Similarly, bRUNch, combines running with popular Denver area brunch spots.

Moms will love Moms Run the Town, a running group devoted to helping moms on their fitness journeys.

If you’re looking to get out of the city, join Denver Trailheads for opportunities to explore Colorado’s great outdoors and socialize with fellow adventurers.



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