X-out Golf Balls

X – X-out: Making sure you get exactly what you want in new construction

In Buyers by Doug Phelps

If you’ve been in a store that sells golfing equipment, you’ve probably seen golf balls with large black X’s on them.  The otherwise plain white balls are typically sold in non-branded packaging.  These balls are called X-outs and while they may seem like reject balls, they can actually be a good value for many golfers.  

Golf balls are held to very high manufacturing standards and when a ball doesn’t quite reach these standards, they are designated X-outs balls.  

A majority of the time they are still fine to play with and can be more cost-effective, especially for new players.  

Like a golf ball, a new construction home can have many standards depending on the community and buyers should be aware of a few nuances of a new construction home and the opportunities to get a quality product.

Too many customizations

This is point number one because it is probably the biggest issue when a buyer purchases a new construction home.  The base price is a “tease” and the customizations that a builder will sell buyers on can add as much as 40% to the total cost of the home. 

Buyers sometimes go overboard with customizations while often ignoring the fact that customizations cost extra money and time.  Be aware that the more custom add-ons to a home there are, the more delays and more money it will cost.  

An alternative is to find a new construction home that is well along in the process or has had a buyer back out and the builder needs to get the property sold fast; you could get a better price and lots of great value.

Understanding timelines

Following up on point number one and understanding that customizations typically add to the overall timeline of construction, it is important to know any and all general timelines as well.  

When dealing with new build homes, there may be delays in construction which should be accounted for by the buyer.  This can make buyers anxious, especially if they are needing to sell their existing home and look at long-term rentals while waiting for construction to finish.  

When buying a new construction home, understand what stage of the building process that the home is in, how long it may take to finish and what is finished in the present timeline, should it not be plausible to wait for something to be built from the ground up.  

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This post is part of an ongoing series where we talk about my two favorite things: golf and real estate!  Stay tuned for more golf-themed posts as we go through the ABC’s of real estate and provide helpful tips for home buyers and sellers alike.