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G is for Going Green

In Homeowners by Doug Phelps

Green living or going green in your home not only allows you to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, but it can also save you dividends. Here are several systems you can implement to increase the sustainability value of your home.

Go Solar

The best source of clean, low-cost energy is the sun. And, there’s a lot of it in Colorado.  Solar panels will allow you to upgrade your home’s efficiency and save in energy costs. You will drastically reduce, if not eliminate, your electricity bills. It could improve your overall property value. You may even get incentives from your local utilities company.

Lighting Controls

There are several ways you can make your lighting more energy efficient. Consider a system that allows you to control the intensity of your lighting. Dimming your lights by just 10% will cut down on your monthly home energy usage. Dimmers will also allow you to create specific lighting for moods and entertaining. You can even utilize a centralized control from you tablet of phone.

Another option might be to install motion sensors in your home. It can be difficult to remember to turn off your lights, and this can really add up. In fact, it’s been reported you might save between 20 and 60% with motion sensors.

Finally, don’t forget about natural light. Arranging your home to maximize natural light is not only great for your mood, but it can be a home energy saver as well.

Smart Thermostat

Your air conditioning and central heat contributes to 25 to 40% of home energy usage. A WiFi-enabled thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home from any wireless device. The HVAC scheduler option will respond to the outside temperature or time of day, allowing you to conserve energy and stay comfortable.

Smart Shades

Smart shades are a perfect complement to your HVAC system. Smart shades will close when the sunlight hits them to help cool down your home naturally.

Reduce Water Consumption

Reducing the amount of water you use in your home is another great option for increasing your home’s efficiency. There are many updates to your appliances, including low flow faucets, tankless water heaters, and high efficiency washers. Collecting rainwater for your outdoor landscapes is another great way to conserve water and save money.

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