G- Greenkeeper: What an amazing Realtor can do for you when selling a home

In Sellers by Doug Phelps

A golfer may not think very much about a greenkeeper as he or she is focusing on perfecting their swing but they are vital to the game.  The job of a greenkeeper is complex and happens more behind the scenes. For example, greenkeepers figure out how low to cut the grass for the perfect golfer experience and what to feed the lawn to keep it in pristine playing condition.  Overall, the job of a greenkeeper is to maintain the course aesthetically as well as ensuring that the course remains safe so that golfers can get the best game out of it. The most beautiful courses in the entire world have a team of expert greenkeepers to maintain the beauty and A+ playing conditions that golfers have come to expect from them.  

Just like a greenkeeper, a Realtor’s work can happen behind the scenes so that the client doesn’t have to deal with every little detail and so that the overall buying experience is a pleasant one for the client.   

During the home selling process, there are so many details to be maintained and calculated that a professional Realtor is worth every penny.  After all, an Realtor is scheduling appointments for showings, inspections, appraisals, deadlines, and more. For those selling a home while also taking care of a family, going to work and going on about daily life responsibilities, an advocate can lift the burden of selling a home.  Of course, the Realtor will need to communicate often with the seller but often these calls or texts are quick and behind the scenes. The Realtor usually helps the seller with these points, in no particular order:

  • Market research: Making sure you get a fair price on your home, comparing and calculating your home with similar homes to come up with a listing price range.  Contrary to popular belief, this is a time-consuming process full of a lot of research and evaluation.
  • Staging: If the seller is still living in the home, the Realtor will help the seller determine if they should store some things to free up space in the home, what to paint, what to replace and overall what will help the home look its best.  Though not totally common, there have been Realtors who have volunteered their own manual labor should something come up.
  • Listing the home online through databases: The Realtor will schedule pictures with a professional photographer after staging is done and they will then create the listing with all details that potential buyers will be interested in.  
  • Scheduling open houses and hosting them: Should it be determined by the Realtor and seller that the Realtor wants to host an open house then they will do all the work to promote, host and take any potential leads.  The seller just plans an afternoon or evening out and relax.
  • Scheduling appointments on the way to closing:  Even if the Realtor has little or no control over these deadlines, the Realtor will at least make sure that the seller is aware of these.  

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