F- Follow- through: Why you need a Realtor who communicates early, often, and after

In Sellers by Doug Phelps

The follow-through is a picturesque part of the golfing experience and one that avid golfers can spend years perfecting.  Also known as a finish, the follow-through is when the golfer keeps the momentum of the golf swing going after the ball is launched.  After all, a golf swing doesn’t just abruptly stop once contact with the ball has been made and while it may be an overlooked aspect it is highly important to the overall technique of one’s game.  

Much in the way that the follow-through is an important aspect in the mechanics of a great swing, a Realtor’s follow-through is communication early and often.  A great Realtor will answer every text, call and email before, during and yes even after the transaction is closed. Much like a golfer wouldn’t stop the swing abruptly after contact with the ball, a great Realtor will not stop communication with a client during the selling or buying process.  

Most of the time, by nature, a Realtor is someone who is naturally social, easy to get along with and cares about the needs of his or her clients. Realtors spend most of their days nurturing established contacts, creating new contacts and watching out for the best interests of clients both on the buying and selling side.  A Realtor must act fast sometimes to ensure a client doesn’t lose their dream home or to make sure that a client knows about changing circumstances. There are many opportunities before, during and after the process.  Let’s take a look at this from the perspective of selling a home:


Before a client considers putting their home on the market, this is phase one for research.  Usually, a client scrambles to find a quality real estate Realtor to represent them and help get the most from the transaction.  A client may contact multiple Realtors and Realtors to ask a lot of questions. The mark of a professional Realtor will be that he or she answers all of the questions the client has — and the Realtor asks powerful questions also of the client.  If the Realtor presents as trustworthy and the client feels they will be a good fit to work together, the next step is that the Realtor will want to perform a walk-through of the home and get an idea about pricing, deadlines and any other details that may be important when listing the home.  Finally, an Realtor will arrange for the home to be listed by gathering photos, staging the home and readying it for showings.


Now that the home is on the market, the main parts of communication from the Realtor will be to let the seller know any feedback that potential buyers have and make suggestions in case the feedback is not flattering.  The Realtor will of course always let the seller know when potential buyers want to come and view the home and unfortunately these may be quick but the Realtor will give as much notice as possible. Of course, if the home being sold is not the seller’s primary residence then there isn’t as much concern.  Once a buyer has been found then the Realtor will communicate all the terms of the offered contract and advise if these should be found acceptable to the seller. Keep in mind that this process may be a very quick one so be prepared for a quick moving progression, but a good Realtor will help to make sense of it all.  As soon as a contract is accepted by both parties, the Realtor will help a seller be made aware of timelines for inspections and other important contract deadlines. Finally, a closing date will be set.


Even at the closing table, a good Realtor will be there for moral support to the seller and to explain any last minute details in the paperwork.  Most details will have been worked out at this point but some sellers do have questions and it is an Realtor’s job to answer these. After the paperwork has been filled out and the checks have cleared, many Realtors like to send little ‘thank you’ or ‘congratulations’ gifts to their clients and some will even call a few days later to check on their client.  Many professional Realtors like to stay in touch throughout the years too by way of sending holiday cards or newsletter emails to make sure the client knows the Realtor will be available for the next transaction or for a referral to a friend of family member, whenever that presents itself.

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