E- Eagle: The homebuyer with rare things on their list

In Buyers by Doug Phelps

The eagle: a long-held symbol of American patriotism, a majestic bird found gliding high on a perfect summer day or a score of less than par for a hole.  Eagles, at least in golf, are considered pretty rare and it’s a celebratory event if a player happens to achieve one. As we know, a good golf score is a low one and most players are happy to be at par or one under par but an eagle is actually TWO under par!  Eagles are highly-sought after but very rare and usually take a lot of skill to achieve, though dumb luck can sometimes be a factor. Just like a golfer looks for an eagle, a home buyer may be looking for some very unique things in a home and this presents a special challenge for an agent.

A seasoned agent enjoys a challenge!  After looking for a certain style home over and over, a buyer who requests this “eagle” home can present a fun project and lets the agent really get creative in the search process.  ‘Eagle’ homes can be a certain style, square footage, location or even have certain views that a buyer desires. For example, maybe a buyer requests the biggest home on a golf course with views of the mountains from the master bedroom.  This is a home type that an agent may not come across every day so this unique request allows an agent to get creative in order to please their buyer.

Unique wish-lists can also be ultra-specific which can cause a longer search for agent and buyer.  Some buyers feel strongly about materials of counters, cabinets and floors while other buyers require a front door facing a certain direction and be one story with a basement.  Some buyers want all of the above plus more. Certain things like interior paint color can be easily changed and a buyer should keep that in mind if they find a home which ticks all their other boxes.  It is the job of an agent to hear the initial wish-list and help make critiques based on the reality of the market.

“Eagle” homes can finally be in highly-sought locations where houses don’t come up for sale very often and when they do, they go very fast and often include a bidding war.  If a buyer is very strict about a location, they should let their agent know that right away so an agent knows to look in that neighborhood or area right away. The buyer should also be prepared to act fast when something does come up which means going to a showing during work hours or on a weekend.  

When you’re ready to find your “eagle” home, contact me at (720) 323-4176, I’d love the chance to help you in your home search! – Doug

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