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Denver Water Restrictions and Homeowners

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Warmer weather means turning on sprinklers, washing cars, filling pools and overall using more water.  Especially with the growing population in Colorado, water concerns and conservation in Colorado and especially the Front Range are top of mind for Colorado homeowners. What are entities like Denver Water and others doing to address water needs?

1. 2023 Water restrictions in Colorado

Many Denver residents are familiar with water restrictions which encourage homeowners to water their lawns 3 days a week at the most, between certain times of the day for a set amount of time. As the weather gets warmer, these restrictions may start soon.  To add to the confusion, not every city in the metro area has the same rules either. For example, Aurora is anticipating a drought for 2023, but the city of Denver is not, according to the Denver Gazette. Each city’s council votes if they’re going to implement drought protocol based on issues such as snowpack, water rights to each city by seniority and water levels of main water sources like the Colorado River. Some think that all cities should follow Aurora’s lead and restrict water usage in a conservation effort. 

3. What water projects are going on in Colorado

Do you live in Denver county or the Denver metro area? Chances are you’ve seen your water bill go up in the last few months. In October 2022 the Denver Board of Water Commissioners increased monthly water bills for Denver residents to help pay for water conservation and sustainability projects. Overall, Denver residents will be paying more for water in 2023, potentially up $250 more for a year according to KDVR.  The Denver Water board is planning to use funds of upwards of $2.3 billion to expand reservoirs, replace lead pipes and aging infrastructure, and building more water quality labs according the Denver Water. Other cities are doing the same.

3. What is Denver doing to address the growing population?

According to Denver Water’s website, they are trying to address the growing population which is definitely going to impact water supply and conservation efforts. Many cities try to encourage residential water conservation with restrictions. Cities across Colorado are also trying other efforts like water recycling and finding new water supplies.  As a homeowner, expect to see more restriction efforts by the city implemented on homeowners.

4. What water conservation efforts are going on in 2023?

Many cities across Colorado have water protection efforts ongoing. For example, Centennial has many water conservation projects designed to stop flooding efforts as well as increase water irrigation. The city of Englewood also has many projects lined up to replace water pipes, irrigation systems, implement water treatment systems and encourage efforts like xeroscaping. For the record, golf courses are also on board for water conservation efforts. Some golf course, for example, take out grass from areas that don’t impact the game, plant drought-resistant plants or grass and install smart watering systems. 

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