Change Your World: Choose To Be Happy

In Who is Doug? by Doug Phelps

Unhappy people are the cause of most all our society’s problems. Certainly, bad things happen to everyone. But we have the power to disallow the circumstances of our lives to dictate our responses. There are traits that define Happy, and to the extent people feel happy they are also Successful.

Change the track of your life to Happy and Successful by practicing these traits:

  • Have a strong interest in – and passion for – what you are doing.
  • Work harder than everyone else around you.
  • Be focused and quietly confident. Don’t waste time questioning yourself.
  • Embrace adversity and a teacher and refuse to give up.
  • See the big picture – the “why?” for what you are doing.
  • Be curious about everything; learn to be always improving yourself.
  • Don’t freak out in adversity but face difficulty calmly. Ask for help.
  • Listen.
  • Deal in the present moment instead of the past or future. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will be here soon enough.
  • Have the willpower to not waste time drinking too much, sleeping too little, loving without compassion, or causing your body unnecessary harm.
  • Solve problems instead of getting upset by them; better yet, be creative and avoid them.
  • Have an abundance of close relationships and friendships.
  • Live an active, adventurous wholehearted life where health and vitality are assets.