L – Lag: Benefits of finding a fixer-upper or less than perfect house

In Buyers by Doug Phelps

Golfers who have a goal of hitting longer distance shots use the strategy of creating lag.  This is a seemingly simple moderation inclusive of creating an angle with your wrists that can turn your golf game into that of a power hitter. 

Like most things in life, a great golf game benefits from much practice, study, and a few hidden tricks and tips. In real estate, the hidden gem of a good investment can look like a very plain and less than desirable home. 

Whether you are looking for an investment property, a rental home or a primary residence to gut and fix up into a dream home, a great realtor can help guide a buyer with simple tips and tricks that will turn an unassuming property into a power move!   

A realtor will often step in and help a buyer try to see the benefits of things like a fixer-upper or a home that seems plain to the buyer. A realtor approaches the home buying process with the best interests of the buyer in mind and there is zero emotion involved, ensuring that a realtor will stay logical and help the buyers reach their goals by finding a home that may be less than ideal right now but livable, allowing the buyer to create the home to their personal desires over time. 

This is the hidden trick that can help buyers get the most of the housing market. In fact, some hidden benefits of finding a less than perfect house include:


When looking at fixer-upper property or a home that seems plain, many people will shy away from it which means it will be competitively priced.  Even homes in nice neighborhoods will lower than usual which means a buyer can snatch up a home, make changes and potentially stay under budget. A realtor can help find these homes and made suggestions as to whether these kinds of homes may be worth it to a buyer.     

Creative control

Plain homes or homes that need work allows the buyer to come in and start making changes which means that the buyer owns complete creative control.  This enables changes to be made in the home that otherwise wouldn’t be an option.  


A seller who is looking to get rid of a fixer-upper may be in a position where selling fast is key and a buyer will benefit completely from this motivation.  A motivated seller will be willing to speed towards the closing table and may be willing to negotiate on price on the way there. A realtor can ensure that a buyer is not biting off more than they can chew while still getting the project they desire.  

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This post is part of an ongoing series where we talk about my two favorite things: golf and real estate!  Stay tuned for more golf-themed posts as we go through the ABC’s of real estate and provide helpful tips for home buyers and sellers alike. 

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