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A Client Win Story: Journey to a New Home

In Buyers, Homeowners, Sellers by Doug Phelps

One of my favorite parts of the job is helping clients find a home that is perfect for them and their lifestyle.  No matter how long it takes, watching clients fall in love with their home is a real blessing for me as a Realtor.  I’ve been lucky to have it happen a number of times in my career, and one of my most recent wins was with a couple, named Karen and Jason.

Karen and Jason sought to relocate to a part of town better suited to their desired lifestyle and activities.  When people ask me where the best part of town to move is, I hesitate to answer because it all comes down to lifestyle.  After all, some families have children and need to be closer to the suburbs and school, some are young professionals who prefer to be downtown and still some are retiring and prefer to be more remotely located.

Summer 2019

For Karen and Jason, our journey together to their end-goal began in July 2019. The home they lived in at the time was a single-level traditional-style with a full basement. Karen and Jason had done many updates to the home in the time they lived there, and knew it needed other things done for the best presentation possible for potential buyers.

I offered suggestions, ideas of how to make their home primed and ready for showings.  I also gave introductions to vendors and other sources, as I would do for any client who needed it.  After years in the business, I have a great contact list of vendors who will do a great job working with my clients and their homes. They pursued these projects and contacts and kept me informed of their progress. Karen and Jason also enjoyed doing some of the projects themselves, as many homeowners do. These projects rolled into 2020 and suddenly, like many others, were impacted by the pandemic and supply chain demands. Even so, relying strongly on their faith that God had his hand in this, they were diligent, persistent, and patient.

Fall 2020

During this time, the market value of their home increased. In the Fall of 2020, I introduced them to the Knock Lender Home Swap program. Innovative at the time in the Denver metro market, it offered a way for Karen and Jason to purchase their replacement home first, move, and then sell the current home afterward. Through the application process, certain other updates were identified as necessary to do before approval could be granted. Karen and Jason got after these things, using their DIY skills plus some handyman help I introduced.

Spring 2021

By May 2021, all the projects in the house had been done and it was ready to show. Karen and Jason received the Knock program approval, and we were off to the races to find the perfect new home opportunity in the part of town they wanted to be in. Just a few weeks later in early June 2021, we found a home that had returned to the market after the original buyers terminated. We viewed it, Karen and Jason loved it, and we wrote an offer. Accepted!

While inspections, lender processes, and further negotiations with the seller ensued, Karen and Jason focused on the last few painting touch-ups and yard clean-up they wanted to do at their current home. An updated market analysis revealed the potential to get a terrific sales price for it, not too different from the price we offered on the new house which was quite a bit larger. The appraisal for the new house came in above our offer price. All other steps completed, Karen and Jason closed on it in early-August, thirty-two days after our offer was accepted.

Karen and Jason made preparations to move while my team and I made plans for staging, photos, and marketing. We were on the market for Labor Day weekend. Because of all the terrific work Karen and Jason did readying the house for the market, plus all the other marketing efforts, showing activity was brisk. Multiple offers were received. We compared all the features of each offer. Karen and Jason choose one they liked best. It was difficult to let down the other buyers but in the end it all worked out how it should.

The processes with the buyer went wonderfully well. Karen and Jason closed on the sale of the home on October 1.  By the time all was said and done, they renovated their house for sale, got a great offer and also moved into their dream home in the part of town they wanted to be in.  This is a client win story I love sharing, and I am happy to have been a part of their journey!

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