10 Traits to Be Happy and Successful!

In Who is Doug? by Doug Phelps

Unhappy people are the cause of many of our society’s problems. Certainly, bad things happen to everyone. But we have the power to prohibit the circumstances of our lives from dictating our responses. There are traits that define happy, and to the extent that people feel happy, they are also successful.

Here are 10 traits to help you choose to be happy and successful in your life:

Have a strong passion for what you are doing

If you truly love what you do, you’ll have the greatest chance of achieving success in your life and your finances.

Work harder than everyone else around you.

Thomas Edison once said, “There’s no substitute for hard work.” Many of our society’s most happy and successful people would agree. It’s true in every facet of life that hard work pays off.

Don’t waste time questioning yourself.

It takes a lot of work to quiet the roar of self-doubt within us. But, you can do it! Make it a goal to exude quiet confidence and keep your focus in everything you do.

Embrace adversity as a teacher and refuse to give up.

Life is hard and no matter what you are doing, there will be setbacks and disappointments. But you alone have the power to ride out the storm and come out on the other side as a happy, better version of yourself.

Learn to be always improving yourself.

Actively pursuing your own growth is one of the best things you can do for your happiness and success. Be curious about everything and transform yourself into a lifelong learner. You won’t regret it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

When adversity comes knocking on your door, it’s easy to freak out. But you are surrounded by people who can help you through your most difficult times. We are all happier when we trust in the power of community.


Dr. Stephen R. Covey said that “most people don’t listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Poor listening habits are often at the root of disagreements and daily struggles. Make a pledge to become a better listener and really pay attention to what the person is saying and feeling. And, don’t interrupt!

Deal in the present moment.

Humans are naturally anxious, always focusing on either the past or the future. This causes us to miss out on so much of what is happening in the present. If you find yourself losing focus on the present moment, try telling yourself that “yesterday is gone and tomorrow will be here soon enough.”

Use your willpower.

Don’t waste time drinking too much, sleeping too little, loving without compassion, or causing your body unnecessary harm through abuse or neglect. You alone have the power to choose how to live your best life.

Live an active, adventurous, and wholehearted life.

This is perhaps the greatest tip to being happy and successful. Be active and adventurous so that your health and vitality become a central part of your lifestyle. And, put your whole heart into everything you do!

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